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Refinancing Benefits

Refinancing can be the perfect tool in any homeowners’ arsenal.

Get a Better Mortgage Rate

This is a no-brainer for people who want to take advantage of current mortgage rates or want to get a better rate now that their credit has improved. We help our clients gain access to a brilliant array of options that ensure a better rate and a brighter future.

Lower Your Monthly Payments

Need to get a lower monthly payment that’s easier to handle? We’ve got options such as lowering your interest rate and extending your payoff date to ensure that you get less of a monthly burden.

Shorten Your Term

This is an excellent opportunity to pay your mortgage off faster and save significant amounts of money in interest. You might be able to shorten your term without a large increase in your monthly payment.

Take Money Out

Sometimes life happens, and if you need to take money out, we can present many options that are a surprisingly cost-efficient way to borrow funds.

Cancel Your Mortgage Insurance

Do you have lender-paid mortgage insurance? Once you achieve 20% equity, you can refinance to eradicate the premium in your interest rate. This is also possible for many FHA home loans.

Streamline Multiple Mortgages

It’s possible to combine a second mortgage with your primary mortgage at a lesser rate. This is a nice way to gain a single monthly payment instead of playing a balancing act with multiple payments.
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"I worked with Ernie for my refinancing and long story short, he is amazing! He was very informative and answered all my questions. He provided me multiple options and explained each one no matter how many questions i asked or scenarios i gave. He was very quick and kept everything moving as smooth as possible. Amazing work, highly recommend. Don't hesitate, message them and they'll surprise you."

- Raul D.

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